Blank Shield Press is a one person operation and an independent game company, in the spirit of the forge.

BSP was "born" late in 2004, as a web presence and publishing mark for my games. I was motivated primarily to give Death's Door a home on the net, and wasn't comfortable (for a number of reasons) with using someone else's website to host it. Thus, Blank Shield Press. It then languished for several months while I worked on other things (like the actual games, and home life and all) until August 2005 when I relaunched it. It enjoyed a brief spurt of activity for a few years while I was actively publishing, but now languishes again.

The Blank Shield part reference comes from my Lego hobby, where I have made up a fictional mercenary company called The Blank Shields. I discovered that I'd managed to do the nearly impossible, and had established a unique ID on the net: I was the only person using 'Blankshield' as an alias, so I adopted it in other forums and hobbies. Some of the things available through BSP were previously marked under Just This Side of Arrogance Productions. That was also me.

For myself, I'm married with three children, the oldest was born in 2000, the most recent in 2004, and the middle of whom is autistic. I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, and when I'm not being a parent, designing/playing games, or playing with my Lego collection, I work in the IT industry on the technical side.

James Brown
Blank Shield Press