Really, this page should be looked at more as "Ideas I never finished" than as "In Progress"...

Reality Cops

I wrote Reality Cops as a 24 hour RPG for the October 2005 Ronnies contest while on an endorphin high from watching Serenity. When I had come down, I realized that, as a game, it was pretty much unplayable, but there was some real meat there, and it needed to be developed. It has also taken over my brain, and shamelessly jumped to the front of the line.

Do Your Own Time

The game of prison psychology and relationships, DYOT is a work in progress that is loosely scheduled to be in print for next GenCon eventually probably never. It is likely to be a similar size and format to Death's Door, if wildly different in subject matter.

Companions and Associates

Companions and Associates is all about Victorian-era Sidekicks and what happens after the hero leaves the story. It is currently on semi-indefinate hold, as a Project of Unusual Size. In my mind, it's hardcover, heavily illustrated and colour throughout, and as much a piece of art and Victorian reference as it is a game. I have no qualms about admitting that it's currently beyond my skills.

Brick Battles: VLA

Brick Battles is a fun little game, but it has a limitation. Some guys just have too much Lego®! The Very Large Armies expansion takes care of this problem. Includes rules that can make armies of 1000+ units easily manageable. It's been created and playtested; all it lacks is words on paper.
Brick Battles: VLA is the first "rules" "supplement" in the Brick Battles "Product line". Like the base rules, it will be available as a free pdf, and if there is enough interest, as a little pocket-sized print edition.